Importance of English Grammar: A short conversation

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importance of English Grammar

Importance of English Grammar: A short conversation

Overview: The importance of English Grammar can be seen when you know good English and when you don’t know English. At times what happens is that when you don’t know good Grammar, you tend to make mistakes that may land you into trouble. You may say something that can be misunderstood by the listener; even though you did not mean to say that! This is the reason why it is important to know the importance of Grammar and be very well-versed with the same!

With the above-given details, let us take a look at a short conversation stating the importance of English Grammar!

Person 1: I’ve seen that when you are answering a few questions in the class, you tend to say wrong words at that time… I mean it is a problem with Grammar!

Person 2: Yes, I know about that and a few more students have told me about the same. I don’t know what to do about my Grammar!

Person 1: You will have to practice it, as it is very important to know the importance of Grammar.

Person 2: But I know good English, so why should I focus on Grammar?

Person 1: Many people tend to do mistakes in understanding this point that Grammar is the basis of the English language, it helps in forming a correct sentence, and moreover, it helps in giving out the correct meaning of what you actually what to speak.

Person 2: I did not understand!

Person 1: See, when you are not so good with English Grammar, you do not know which word should be used in which part of the sentence. So with this, you tend to make mistakes, correct?

Person 2: Correct.

Person 1: Then what happens is that your listener will misunderstand what you are speaking and this might become problematic for you.

Person 2: Ohh, now I understand! So, what shall I do now?

Person 1: Now, I can help you in strengthening your Grammar, and then you can speak good English with proper Grammar.

Person 2: This is going to be too much fun!

Person 1: So we can start tomorrow!

Person 2: Yeah, sounds perfect! I’ll see you in the class.

Person 1: Yes, see you there.


The need for punctuations: Punctuations are necessary for every language so as to give out the correct meaning of the sentence. Punctuations help in understanding whether the statement is a question, or an exclamation, or what else! Punctuations help in going with the flow of the sentence and providing the correct meaning of the same.