Importance of the English language: A Short Conversation

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importance of the English language

Importance of the English language: A Short Conversation

Overview: The importance of the English language is quite known nowadays. With the advent of technologies and globalization covering up the world, the English language has become one of a kind for many years and will go on for many centuries to come. Trade, businesses, globalization, liberalization, and many such things take place wherein the base is the language; and in the case of the world, English is the global and the most common language to be spoken all over.

With the above details, let us look at a conversation that shows the importance of the English language.

Person 1: Hey, I’ve seen in the college fest when you gave a speech on the stage; you speak English very well! How do you do that?

Person 2: Firstly, thank you for the compliment! And secondly, the thing is that I don’t deliberately speak quite a good English language but my family speaks English at home and everywhere else and we have made it mandatory to speak only in the English language. So I guess it is because of that that I speak good English!

Person 1: Ohh my goodness! At home, I only speak in my mother tongue and all of my family members also speak in our mother tongue only. I guess it is because I don’t have practice speaking English daily.

Person 2: Maybe, that could be a factor! 

Person 1: And which is why my English is not so good.

Person 2: So why don’t you speak English with me on a daily basis? Anyway, we meet every day for the lectures, so that is a good opportunity to practice English and speaking fluent English is very important these days as it widens the door for many opportunities to come in the future.

Person 1: Ohh, is it?

Person 2: Yes, off-course! See, if you speak fluent English and you have good communication skills, then you also have more chances to go abroad for higher education. Moreover, with a strong qualification background, you can get more and better opportunities for your job and career. Speaking fluent English gives you a different kind of confidence altogether! It is a different and a proud feeling when you speak fluent and good English in front of people and a huge crowd. 

Person 1: Why didn’t I know this earlier!

Person 2: Also, English is a language that is in demand at this point in time, and also it is a global language and is the most commonly spoken language in the world!

Person 1: Alright, so I’ll strictly speak only in the English language from tomorrow onwards!

Person 2: And don’t worry! I’ll help you in achieving fluency.
Person 1: Thank you so much!


  • Oh my goodness!: ‘Oh my goodness’ is a term that is used to express shock and is also an exclamation of surprise.
  • Advent: The meaning of the word ‘advent’ is ‘coming’ or the ‘time of something’