An inspiring conversation on Republic Day of India,2022

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inspiring conversation

An inspiring conversation on Republic Day of India,2022

Overview: Inspiring conversations are very common on the occasion of Republic Day and any other patriotic day. As Republic Day is a day on which the Indian Constitution came into effect, every part of the country celebrates this day with zeal and enthusiasm so as to mark the individuality and sovereignty of India.

With the given details, let us dive into an inspiring conversation on Republic Day!

Person 1: Hey, I am very proud of our country being democratic and sovereign; and now that the country is celebrating 73rd Republic Day!

Person 2: I am very happy about this day too! I like how our country is colorful and diverse with all the religions and cultures in a single country.

Person 1: Exactly, there is no other place in the world that could be so diverse and full of tradition and culture rooted deep inside.

Person 2: Also, it is so motivating that our freedom fighters fought for the country for its independence and due to the, on this day, our constitution was drafted.

Person 1: And look at our India now! It is a sole country and is not bound by any other countries ruling it neither our India is under any country’s colonial rule. It is such a proud moment when being free, being independent is a fact! 

Person 2: Our freedom fighters must be so proud of what India has become now and how it is progressing and how it is looking after the welfare of the people.

Person 1: Along with this, India has also progressed in various sectors, most importantly the education sector and how it is making it mandatory for the girls to get educated. Moreover, it is having quite good job opportunities and the youth is becoming the face of India.

Person 2: Ohh… with all of this, I forgot to wish you Happy Republic Day!
Person 1: Happy Republic Day to you too!