An interesting conversation between a maid and a housewife

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interesting conversation

An interesting conversation between a maid and a housewife

There happens an interesting conversation between every maid and a housewife in Indian households. This is one such example of the given topic,

Maid: Madam, I won’t be able to come tomorrow for cleaning.

Housewife: Ohh, why is it so?

Maid: Madam, my husband, and kids will be at home tomorrow, so I’ll need to be with them.

Housewife: But Sheila, I’m paying you for the whole month, you cannot just take leave any day.

Maid: I understand madam, but if I don’t take a leave tomorrow, my husband would say that you work every day and you don’t even have time for your kids and family.

Housewife: But you are working and working for family only.

Maid: Yes, ma’am but I won’t be able to work tomorrow if you wish I’ll work extra on Sunday.

Housewife: Okay then, if you say so.

Maid: For now I’ve done washing the dishes and clothes. I’ll sweep and mop the floor now.

Housewife: Yes and please clean from the bedroom’s corner too, you tend to leave that spot every day.

Maid: I’ll do that too madam.

Housewife: And I wanted to inform you that we are having guests the day after tomorrow, so you’ll have to come early. Now that you’ve started to cook also, I want you to cook a delicious Indian meal on that day.

Maid: Don’t worry ma’am, I’ll be on time. What time shall I come that day?

Housewife: They will be having lunch here so I want you to come morning at 9 so that you can clean the house also and simultaneously will cook also. Don’t worry, I’ll help you that day with the cooking. You won’t have to do it alone.

Maid: Thank you so much, madam.

Housewife: Yeah no problem. Now you complete the work and I’ll look at the rest.
Maid: Okay madam.