A light conversation between an intern and her senior

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A light conversation between an intern and her senior

Overview: A light conversation is very normal to happen between an intern and senior, be it in any company or an organization, or any workplace. Communication keeps things flowing smoothly.

Below given is a light conversation between an intern and her senior and is an example of a similar situation mentioned above,

Intern: Ma’am, I wanted to talk about certain things related to our website.

Senior: Yes, tell me.

Intern: I was thinking whether we can create a section on our news website that would specifically be only for news related to business and technology. I mean we deliver news about lifestyle, but I think people would also want to know what supports them for a good lifestyle and for that, they would want to know about different businesses and technologies too.

Senior: But technology is a very vast concept. I liked the idea you shared, it will be a link between lifestyle and business. Do you have anything to support this idea, so that we can take it further?

Intern: Actually, I haven’t really thought about this. I was reading a magazine this morning and the idea came from there.

Senior: If at all we are including tech and business in our website, we would have a lot to talk about, we can include facts and experience along with inspiring stories.

Intern: Exactly.

Senior: Brilliant, I will talk about this with the respected authorities. I think you should join me and let’s talk with them together. After all, it’s your idea!

Intern: I would love to!

Senior: Okay then, as soon as I complete my work, I will ping you, and then we will go together.

Intern: Sounds good!

Senior: Perfect, see you in a while.

Intern: Yes, ma’am.