A light conversation between a nephew and aunt

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light conversation

A light conversation between a nephew and aunt


Nephew and aunt having a light conversation are bound to happen every now and then. Below given is an example of a very light conversation taking place between a nephew and aunt,


Aunt: Hey listen, it’s been a long time since you’ve stayed at our house and my daughter was asking when would you come to stay for a day or two.

Nephew: Oohhh, somebody’s missing me to play with. How is she by the way?

Aunt: Ohh, she’s good, she’s playing now.

Nephew: Look umm, I have my lectures till Friday afternoon, so probably I’ll come by Friday evening.

Aunt: So today is Thursday and you are planning to come tomorrow or next Friday?

Nephew: Tomorrow.

Aunt: Okay, no problem. So if you are coming tomorrow then you would probably go back by Sunday, right? To resume with your lectures?

Nephew: You’ve guessed it right.

Aunt: I know, after all, I’m smart.

Nephew: Yeah yeah

Aunt: Okay so when you come here, we all will plan to go to the mall and have some chill there.

Nephew: Cool, I’m fine with that.

Aunt: Okay then, see you tomorrow and come safely.

Nephew: Yes aunt, don’t worry! I’ll give you a call when I’ll leave the house.

Aunt: Works! See you.
Nephew: See you.