A relaxed conversation about Christmas vacations

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relaxed conversation

A relaxed conversation about Christmas vacations

Overview: Relaxed conversations are a must when you have Christmas vacations and you know that you can do whatever you like and you have some time to calm down and take a break from your regular yet busy schedule. Especially, when you have cousins at your place or your siblings it gets calmer and a vacation full of fun.

Let us now head on to the relaxed conversation about Chrsitmas vacation between siblings!

Sibling 1: hey, now that we just finished exams, and our Christmas vacations have started, I was thinking that we must go to the nearby resort and have fun there. What do you say?

Sibling 2: Resort? Have you lost your mind? In this chilly winter season, we all will become ice in the resort.

Sibling 1: hahaha…I was just kidding. Do you have any plans for the vacation?

Sibling 2: Not as such by going outside, but I was thinking that we could make something delicious in the house and that we can spend this vacation at home just decorating the house, playing games, and enjoying Christmas.

Sibling 1: That sounds decent. 

Sibling 2: We can also call our cousins. What do you say?

Sibling 1: Yes, of course, we can call them and can have a blast.

Sibling 2: It will be so fun and exciting to have an aunt and uncle and all the relatives. We all will remember this Christmas vacation. 

Sibling 1: I was thinking that why don’t we go shopping and buy some new and warm clothes and something to eat?

Sibling 2: yeah, let’s go for a drive!


  • Kidding: ‘Was just kidding’ is a phrase that is used to joke, to tease, or is just playfulness.
  • ‘Can have a blast’: This is a phrase that means to enjoy the fullest and it does not literally mean to ‘blast’ something. It onky means to enjoy!
  • ‘Lost your mind‘: ‘Lost your mind’ is a phrase which means to go insane and it does not literally mean to lose your mind! It is only a phrase.