A secret conversation about Christmas gifts

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secret conversation

A secret conversation about Christmas gifts

Overview: A secret conversation about Christmas gifts takes place between parents as to what to gift their child. Planning surprises and secrets for kids is always a precious moment and is really pure.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s head on to the secret conversation between parents about gifting their child this Christmas!

Mom: Hey, it’s our daughter’s 5th Christmas, what do you think we shall gift her?

Dad: I think that what she likes the most is food!

Mom: So, what are you suggesting exactly?

Dad: What I am saying is that a few days back she saw a newly opened restaurant nearby and she seemed to really like it. She was very much attracted to the candies over there.

Mom: Ohh, when did this happen?

Dad: We were going together to the grocery store on the other lane, that time she saw that restaurant.

Mom: Ohh, okay okay. So we can take her over there and we can have dinner.

Dad: And what about gifting?

Mom: We will give her a dual surprise. 

Dad: I didn’t get you.

Mom: We can take her to the carnival. What do you say?

Dad: Sounds good!

Mom: And then we can go for dinner after coming from the carnival.

Dad: We can also gift her favorite toys and can keep them near our Christmas tree. She’ll be very happy.

Mom: So let’s go and shop!

Dad: Yeah, grab your coat. It’s chilly outside!


  • What: This word performs the function of an interrogative determiner. The particular word is asking a question.
  • Chilly: The word ‘chilly’ has been used to refer to winter and snowfall.