Shopping time? Here is a sample conversation!

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shopping time

Shopping time? Here is a sample conversation!

Winter calls for shopping time for some warm fuzzy clothes which is why Sharon is out in a mall to shop for some sweaters! Let’s see how the conversation goes!

Sharon: ‘Excuse me, I would like to shop for some good quality sweaters. Do you sell sweaters?’

Seller: ‘Yes ma’am, of course, we have the best quality sweater in the town. Please come this way!’

Sharon: ‘This winter I am looking for some cute yet good quality sweaters since it gets too cold.’

Seller: ‘I believe I have the right choice of sweater for you. Just a second!’

Sharon: ‘Yes, sure.’

Seller: ‘Here it is. This sweater is made from the best material that is not harsh to your skin and it will keep you warm throughout. Moreover, it is also trending and the best-selling sweater till now!’

Sharon:’Looks good. Do you have some more colors in this pattern?’

Seller: ‘Yes, absolutely. We have pastel colors and dark colors. Which one would you like to purchase?’

Sharon: ‘I would like to buy the light blue one!’

Seller: ‘Your choice is great, it’ll look good on you!’

Sharon: ‘Yes, Thank you! Could you please pack it? And what is the price?’

Seller:’It will cost you Rs.1500 but we are giving winter discounts to our customers. So it will cost you Rs.1250.’

Sharon: ‘Perfect, thank you!’

Seller: ‘Welcome ma’am! Do visit again!’