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Overview: Below, you can see a short chat between two people who are discussing overcoming the difficulties faced by English speakers when having a conversation in the English language.

Below given is a short chat between two people who are setting an example on how to overcome the difficulties when speaking in English,

Person 1: You know, every time I speak with people in the English language, I fumble and I stutter a lot!

Person 2: Ohh, why so?

Person 1: Because of fear, because I don’t know perfect English and I fear that I might be judged by the people!

Person 2: I understand that, but the essence lies in overcoming your fear and facing your challenges! Only then will you become more confident while speaking to others!

Person 1: I try doing it, but it does not happen.

Person 2: It will not happen in a day and neither will it happen if you are constantly thinking about impressing people with your English.

Person 1: Then what shall I do?

Person 2: I think you must go with the flow of speaking just the way you speak and try imagining that you are talking to nobody for a while. This will make your job easier.

Person 1: Thank you so much!

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