A short conversation about abroad learning opportunities

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short conversation

A short conversation about abroad learning opportunities

Overview: In this post let’s take a look at a short conversation that tells you about the end number of opportunities one gets to learn abroad with the base of the English language. It is always the best option to get a learning experience from abroad as it gives you more experience rather than just bookish knowledge.

Let us head on straight to the short conversation and know more about abroad learning opportunities!

Person 1: Hey, you had applied to that abroad university, right?

Person 2: Yes I had and I received approval of admission application from them too!

Person 1: Oh my God! That’s amazing! Congratulations to you!

Person 2: Thank you so much! I am very excited to gain a lot of experience and learn from that place and that university. I just cannot wait to go there!

Person 1: Yes, I understand. Indeed, it is quite exciting and interesting to learn abroad.

Person 2: Apart from academic learning, one also gets to learn about their lifestyle, language, culture and what not!

Person 1: On the brighter side, it is good that you are well-versed with the English language. It is the most spoken language at that place. Learning and conversations take place in the English language itself.

Person 2: Yes, I understand. I have a month’s period of time till I go there.

Person 1: Why so?

Person 2: The academic year is starting next month. So, till then I’ll have to get mentally prepared and get all my things ready so that I do not have to rush at the end moment.

Person 1: That is true! Do ask me if you need anything!

Person 2: Sure, I know you are there by my side at all times!

Person 1: I am excited about your time there!

Person 2: Me too!

Person 1: Cool then! I’ll see you in the evening!

Person 2: Yeah, see you in the evening.


  • ‘And’: In certain sentences, ‘and’ is used as a connector to connect two statements in one sentence.
  • ‘Bookish knowledge’: “Bookish knowledge” means the learning and knowledge that is gained only thorugh books and not actual experience.