A short conversation between two doctors

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short conversation

A short conversation between two doctors

Overview: A short conversation keeps happening between doctors. As we are going through the tough times of the pandemic, these conversations are bound to happen.

Let us look at an example of a short conversation between two doctors regarding the pandemic,

Doctor 1: Don’t you think it was tough to diagnose patients in the beginning when the pandemic began?

Doctor 2: Ohh, it was too difficult. Patients kept coming to the in hospital and they came out to be Covid positive too!

Doctor 1: Exactly, and there were no vaccines available so that we could vaccinate them and keep them safe.

Doctor 2: I strongly agree with this. There was a lot of panic among the people and they were not wrong at their place. Anybody would panic knowing the symptoms and fatalities.

Doctor 1: They were constantly updated with the number of cases and deaths every day. Hence, the thought of fear was continuously in their minds.

Doctor 2: Moreover, everything was taking place online which also made it clear that they were more open to news that could have been fake, the numbers could have been fake. As and how, things became more clear and the vaccines started to be produced, everybody took a breath of relief.

Doctor 1: Now that the cases are dropping and things are coming back to normal, it has become a bit easier for everyone to tackle the pandemic.

Doctor 2: I hope things get back to the way it was and nobody needs to go through this deadly time again.

Doctor 1: Hope for the best!


Took a breath of relief‘ means to take a moment and believe that everything is fine.

To ‘tackle‘ means to ‘handle’ or ‘manage’.

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