A short conversation about facing difficulties in the English language

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short conversation

A short conversation about facing difficulties in the English language

Overview: In this post, let us take a look at a short conversation that tells you about the difficulties faced while having a conversation in the English language. It becomes difficult for a beginner who is struggling to become fluent in the English language.

The below-given short conversation is an example from the beginners’ point of view.

Person 1: Hey, did you watch the recent Hollywood movie?

Person 2: The one that is doing so well in the box office?

Person 1: Yes.

Person 2: I tried watching it, but I was unable to understand the dialogues of it. So if I am not understanding the dialogues, how could I understand the movie?

Person 1: So, you are saying that you are facing difficulties while understanding English and speaking in the same language?

Person 2: Yes, that’s true.

Person 1: What kind of difficulties are you facing?

Person 2: The major difficulty I face is that I panic when I am about to speak. The second thing is that my mind gets blocked when I am thinking about how I will be saying something, this is why it comes out completely wrong and people tend to misunderstand that.

Person 1: Ohh, I see.

Person 2: This is why my whole day goes into reading and practicing English which is why my focus has shifted from work to practicing English.

Person 1: I think that you are afraid of what people might think when they misunderstand you when you speak, am I right?

Person 2: Absolutely, you are right!

Person 1: Okay, so what you have to remember is that you are still learning to become fluent in the English language and you are still in the mode of practicing English speaking on a daily basis. So, if you are so focused on improving yourself, you will get better as time passes. And once you start understanding what you speak, you will actually know what to speak, when to speak and how to speak.

Person 2: Yes, I understand that but what do I do when I panic before saying something.

Person 1: See, when you have prepared your mind that you will say certain things, just think of that and when speaking about the same, try to calm yourself as much as you can. Nobody is forcing you to speak in the English language so you can speak in your mother tongue or even in your native language. that is totally cool too! Nobody is going to judge you on what you are saying until your intentions are clear and you are standing your point as clear as ice.

Person 2: Alright, I will remember all of this the next time and I will try to stay calm!

Person 1: And, don’t worry. Let things fall into place in their own time!


  • As clear as ice: This is a phrase used in the English langauge to state something clear and straight.
  • Let things fall into place: This is a phrase that is not to be taken literally. The meaning of this phrase is to let things take its own time and happen when it is about to happen.