A short conversation between a father and a son

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short conversation

A short conversation between a father and a son

Son: Father, let me ask you something.

Father: Of course, what is it?

Son: How did you fall in love with mom?

Father: It happened in the college days, those were the days!

Son: Oh you both were in the same college?

Father: In the same class too!

Son: Gosh, then how did it begin?

Father: During my college days, I had female friends and she was not the one who belonged to my group. Actually, she used to ignore me throughout. 

Son: Ohh, why is that?

Father: Because she used to think that I don’t focus on my studies and stuff, and I just wander around with friends.

Son: Then? Then what happened?

Father: Then what, the class had received a group project, and fortunately, there would have been only 2 students in a group and the professor had decided the groups already.

Son: So, let me guess; your professor had chosen you and mom to be in one group, right?

Father: Bingo! That’s exactly what happened. 

Son: And, what happened?

Father: Then I played my charm, as I already had feelings for her which were true. I just had to make her believe that I loved her. And, after some days we started talking and wandering around.

Son: Did you go on a date?

Father: A hundred times, with your mom of course! Hahahaha…

Son: Ohh then you loved her from college days and it’s so perfect! 
Father: People say that college love is fake but here we are!