A short conversation between two friends about study

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short conversation between two friends

A short conversation between two friends about study

Overview: In this post, let us look at a short conversation between two friends about study. It is the time of exams and most of the students either study in groups or study alone. In this conversation, it is the new academic year and it is the first semester of exams. A new academic year means new friendships and new bonds. Let’s take a look at how the conversation goes!

A short conversation between two friends about study


Friend 1: Hey, the exams are near. Are you prepared for it?


Friend 2: No, not yet. Are you?


Friend 1: No I’m not. I don’t know from where to begin and which subject, to begin with.


Friend 2: Do you know that nobody has started to study?


Friend 1: Oh God! What if nobody is prepared and everyone looks at each other on exam day?


Friend 2: I don’t think that will happen. Students will come well prepared.


Friend 1: Okay now that you have said that you haven’t started studying yet, what are your plans? I mean how are you going to study?


Friend 2: I don’t really know.


Friend 1: Hey, I have an idea!


Friend 2: What is that?


Friend 1: Shall we study together? If we do so, then we will know what to study, how to study and all the important points we need to cover!


Friend 2: Actually, that is not a bad idea!


Friend 1: Studying with a friend is more fun than studying alone!


Friend 2: That’s true! A student understands more when he studies in a group and the concepts are understood very well!


Friend 1: Exactly! So, from when shall we begin?


Friend 2: Tomorrow?


Friend 1: Yeah! Tomorrow works for me. We can set a target of 25 questions tomorrow and 25 questions on the next day. And we can revise on the third day. What do you say?


Friend 2: Perfect then! Let’s meet tomorrow at the canteen at 11?


Friend 1: Yes, at 11!



Over here, the term ‘Oh God‘ shows an expression of surprise.


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