A small chat on the current weather conditions

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small chat

A small chat on the current weather conditions

Overview: People tend to have small chats on weather conditions because of the thrill and excitement it brings, irrespective of the place and time zone. There occurs a particular situation when the weather conditions change abnormally and out of nowhere. However the situation may arise due to the weather conditions, people tend to enjoy it the majority of the time and they always try to have small chat due to that weather condition.

Let’s head on to the small chat and look at what these two people are having a conversation about!

Person 1: Hey, come here! Look, it’s raining!

Person 2: What are you saying? How can it rain in this weather, this is the winter season!

Person 1: I am seriously not kidding, you need to come here and look at this beautiful view now! Or else, you will miss the most amazing view!

Person 2: Okay, coming in a minute!

Person 1: Come faster!

Person 2: Oh my God! I have not seen such a beautiful scenic view before!

Person 1: I told you it is beautiful!

Person 2: But, how is it raining in the winter season! It has made the weather much colder.

Person 1: Oh, no. there is a reason why is it raining in our state.

Person 2: And why is it raining in our state?

Person 1: See, Kashmir is witnessing snowfall now, which is why we and our neighboring states are also witnessing sudden weather conditions.

Person 2: Ohh, I didn’t know that there is snowfall at this time in Kashmir!

Person 1: Yes it is! This means that for the coming few days, the weather will be much cooler and chilly. 

Person 2: I agree. We will have to collect some wood to make our living room warm!

Person 1: Come on then! Let’s go!

Person 2: Yes, let’s go!


  • Because: ‘Because’ is a word that plays the role of a connector in a sentence. Click on the word in the conversation to know more about it!
  • The: ‘The’ is word that is known as an article. almost every sentence has ‘the’ in it.
  • To: The word ‘to’ can be used as a presposition (followed by a noun) and also as an adverb (without a following noun).