A small conversation at the wedding

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small conversation

A small conversation at the wedding

Overview: Big and small conversations tend to take place in the wedding festivities. Conversation can take place between families, relatives, friends, colleagues at the wedding, and many more kinds of people. To have such kind of conversation that takes place in festivities, especially weddings are more fun and enjoyable to listen to.

Let’s head on to the small conversation and see a type of conversation that happens at the wedding!

Woman 1: Hey, I’ve not seen you nor have I met you.

Woman 2: Ohh, I am from the bride’s side. Actually, I stay in Europe and have come here to attend the wedding festivities.

Woman 1: Ohh my goodness! I’m so sorry I didn’t recognize you.

Woman 2: Don’t worry. It’s alright!

Woman 1: Would you like to join me at the bar counter?

Woman 2: Yes, absolutely. I think we could get along!

Woman 1: Sure, come! Let’s go.

Woman 2: So, you are the groom’s aunt?

Woman 1: Yes, as a joint family we have been staying since he was a kid.

Woman 2: That must have been beautiful! Actually, I shifted to Europe when I was 21 and got a job posting here.

Woman 1: That is pretty amazing. It feels good and proud to be independent at a young age.

Woman 2: Indeed, it does!

Woman 1: You know, my nephew has turned out to be one amazing man. I am loving how your niece has progressed, considering her career and I love how both of them are supporting each other for a long time, in view of their bond and their career.

Woman 2: Yes, I totally agree with you. Actually, she had told me about her bond with him quite a few years back and I was very happy to know that she has found someone who is loving her.

Woman 1: It is always a good feeling when partners are ready to invest each other’s time and everything and make it a much stronger bond.

Woman 2: Yes, I think it makes both of them, complete!

Woman 1: Actually, I’ll see in a minute, Mom is calling me.

Woman 2: Oh yeah, sure! Please go ahead!

Woman 1: I’ll see you around.

Woman 2: Definitely!


  • Have: ‘Have’ is a verb and it has the forms of ‘has’, ‘having’ and ‘had’.
  • ‘Could get along’: ‘Could get along’ is a phrase that is used when two people like talking to each other and they are getting with each other.