1 Small conversation between a doctor and a patient

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small conversation

1 Small conversation between a doctor and a patient

Patient: Hello Doctor!

Doctor: Yes, please come in and have a seat.

Patient: Thank you, doctor!

Doctor: Yeah, tell me what is the problem?

Patient: Actually I have been having a severe headache for the past 2 weeks and it’s getting worse nowadays. I have been taking medicines twice a day for this headache and it goes for a while but comes back after an hour or so!

Doctor: You must have come before when it was happening consistently. Do you face any strain on your eyes when you work?

Patient: Yes, now that everything is online, it has become a bit difficult to focus completely on the screen for hours.

Doctor: And do you have any specs?

Patient: Not yet.

Doctor: Oaky, so with continuous working and staring on the screen for hours, you must have got a number for your eye, so you visit tomorrow again, I am scheduling an appointment for your complete eye checkup. Once you have your specs, your headache will not occur again.

Patient: Okay so till then do I need to take any precautions?

Doctor: Yes, I am prescribing this tablet that you can purchase from the chemist just below this clinic.

Patient: Alright, so I’ll see you tomorrow.
Doctor: Yeah, see you and take care!