Small conversation between husband and wife

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small conversation

Small conversation between husband and wife

Wife: Listen, it’s our 5th wedding anniversary next month. We should plan something. What do you say?

Husband: Ohhhh, is it? It’s been five years already. I had no idea it is our 5th anniversary.

Wife: Of course you would not have any idea. 

Husband: I’m just kidding! So, it’s our 5th anniversary, we should plan to go somewhere international.

Wife: Yea, I was thinking the same. We could go to Spain or London.

Husband: Or we could go to the Maldives. The climate would be good at this time. And you love the beach.

Wife: Yes, Maldives is a good idea. It will be our best memory!

Husband: I don’t think so.

Wife: Why don’t you think so?

Husband: I already have my best memory and nothing else could be best than that!

Wife: And what is that memory?

Husband: It is when we got married!

Wife: Ohh, is it? You were so scared to talk to your parents about us…hahaha 

Husband: Ohh come on now let’s book the tickets!