A starter conversation between 2 moms at the baby product store

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starter conversation

A starter conversation between 2 moms at the baby product store

Overview: A starter conversation between two moms seems to be light but gets very serious when it actually takes place! 

The below-given starter conversation is an example of such a light chat between two moms talking at the baby products store!

Mom1: I see that you are purchasing quite a lot of items! How many kids do you have? I mean if this question is fine to be asked!

Mom 2: Ohh, it’s absolutely fine! Actually, I gave birth to twins the previous month and my husband is at the office so I had to come to the store!

Mom 1: Ohh, congratulations on a double dose of happiness!

Mom 2: Thank you so much! What about you! It seems that you haven’t purchased much!

Mom 1: Actually, I have one kid and he is just a year old!

Mom 2: Ohh, that’s great! But, you seem to be quite picky with the products you are purchasing!

Mom 1: No no, I am not picky, my kid is! Hahaha…

Mom 2: Ohh goodness..hahaha…

Mom 1: the thing is that only the brands sold by this store seem to work well for him. I tried purchasing from other stores as well, but it did nothing good to my child.

Mom 2: Then why didn’t you try shopping online?

Mom 1: I tried considering that option too, but all the products seemed to be near their expiration date so they could not be used at their max!

Mom 2: Ohh, I see…

Mom 1: And we stay nearby so it gets easy to shop from here!

Mom 2: That’s true, I live across the street.

Mom 1: Are you serious? How come we didn’t meet before! 

Mom 2: Now that we know each other, we sure will!

Mom 1: Absolutely, I have collected all the products, I’ll take your leave now!

Mom 2: Yeah, sure! Take care and give my love to your kid!
Mom 1: Sure, you take care too!