Taxi driver and passenger conversation in general

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taxi driver and passenger conversation

Taxi driver and passenger conversation in general

Overview: In this post, let us look at the taxi driver and passenger conversation in which the passenger wants to reach the bus stop and finds a taxi nearby. Let us see how the conversation goes on!

Taxi driver and passenger conversation

Driver: Madam, where do you want to go to?

Passenger: I want to head towards the bus station. Would you please take me there?

Driver: Yes, sure. Please come in.

Passenger: Thank you. Shall I keep the bags behind?

Driver: Yes, you can.

Passenger: Thank you.

Driver: Let me tell you that the regular fare to reach the bus stand is Rs.70 but since it is past 10 p.m, the fare will increase by Rs.10. So that’ll become Rs.80.

Passenger: Yes, that is fine. Will you please start driving now?

Driver: Yes, madam. Are you in a hurry?

Passenger: Yes, I am. Please take the shortest route.

Driver: Alright. I will drive through the regency area. We won’t come across any traffic there.

Passenger: Yes, no problem.

Driver: May I ask where you are going, madam?

Passenger: I am going to my native place in Ratnagiri.

Driver: Oh, that is my hometown!

Passenger: What a coincidence. How much time will it take to reach the bus stand?

Driver: We are almost there.

Passenger: Oh thank God, I reached on time or else I would have missed the bus.

Driver: Here you go! There is the bus stand!

Passenger: Thank you so much! Here is your Rs.100!

Driver: Madam, could you provide me with the change, please?

Passenger: Oh no! Keep the change!

Driver: Alright, thank you so much! And don’t forget to collect your bags!

Passenger: Yep…thank you.


‘Regular’ – Words like ‘usual’ can also be used in place of ‘regular’ or vice versa.

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