A tense conversation between two interviewees

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tense conversation

A tense conversation between two interviewees

Overview: A tense conversation can be seen outside the company’s office between two interviewees awaiting the results of their interview. It happens with many of us and we try talking to other interviewees who have also given the same interview, isn’t it?

The below-given example is one such type of tense conversation between two interviewees in the mentioned scene,

Interviewee 1: Hi, my name is Harsh, I have applied here for the post of content writer, and you?

Interviewee 2: Hii, myself Gaurav, and I too have applied for the same post. They say that the results will be out within 10 minutes now! It could be any moment.

Interviewee 1: I know and I’m so tense. By the way, how was your interview?

Interviewee 2: It was fine, not so good and not so bad either. What about your interview? How did it go?

Interviewee 1: Mine was fine too. They asked some difficult questions but I managed to answer them correctly.

Interviewee 2: People say that it is difficult to crack an interview in this company, but they also say that once we’ve cracked the interview and we land up for this job, we have higher chances of getting a good salary than the other companies.

Interviewee 1: Ohh, is it?

Interviewee 2: Yes, absolutely. You see that they have a good image in the market outside and people trust this company which is why the company trusts its employees.

Interviewee 1: Ohh, I get it. This is why they take good care of their employees and give them good remuneration and benefits.

Interviewee 2: Exactly, that is my point.

Interviewee 1 Ohh, I think somebody is calling us. 

Interviewee 2: I think that the results are out. God, I’m so scared.

Interviewee 1: Don’t be, will see each other if both of us get this job!

Interviewee 2: Yeah, all the best to you!

Interviewee 1: All the best to you too!