Written dialogue between two friends in college about offline exams

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written dialogue between two friends in college

Written dialogue between two friends in college about offline exams

Overview: Here is a written dialogue between two friends in college who have just heard the announcement made by the Class Representative (CR) regarding the offline examination. These two friends are very much worried about giving exams in offline mode. Let’s see how the conversation between two friends goes on!

Written dialogue between two friends in college

Friend 1: Hey, did you just hear the terrific announcement regarding offline exams?

Friend 2: Yeah! I am equally afraid to give examinations in offline mode now!

Friend 1: I guess that the whole class is afraid to give offline exams.

Friend 2: Yes, I mean who won’t be afraid? It’s been more than two years that we are in the habit of giving exams in online mode and it was just so easy.

Friend 1: We did not even have to study for online exams! Online exams have just got so much easier with Google and online discussions with friends!

Friend 2: Clearly it will not be the same now. The situation has just gotten worse.

Friend 1: Yeah. The teacher has also said to maintain social distancing. Did she mean that we will have to leave one seat between every student? How will we pass the exams if that is the case?

Friend 2: Oh God! I didn’t realize this until you said it. If social distancing is maintained, then the students won’t be allowed to sit beside each other. Definitely, we will be unable to copy!

Friend 1: It is the first ‘actual’ exams after the pandemic, what if they give a difficult question paper?

Friend 2: It is all in their hands. But I don’t think they will set a difficult paper.

Friend 1: What makes you think that they will not set a difficult paper?

Friend 2: The exact reason that this is the first ‘actual’ exam after the pandemic. I think they will go easy on the student. I mean they should go easy on the students anyway!

Friend 1: Haha…It’s good that they are allowing us half an hour extra! That is the only good thing I heard in the announcement!

Friend 2: There is one more good thing that I heard during the announcement!

Friend 1: And what’s that?

Friend 2: It is good that they announced this one month prior and not a few days before the exams!

Friend 1: I totally agree! Now I am very afraid of getting failed in this semester’s exams. I am going to study. Are you coming with me?

Friend 2: Yes, Let’s study together!


They will go easy on the students‘ means that the question paper will be set in an easy format – in the context of the conversation.

The word ‘prior‘ means ‘before’.

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