4 Sample answer you could give confidently when asked “why shouldn’t we hire you?”

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sample answer

4 Sample answer you could give confidently when asked “why shouldn’t we hire you?”

To know what to answer (sample answer) in English for this question is the toughest thing you could do in your interview as it is one of the challenging parts of the moment. Make sure that you are prepared for such questions and answer them with a bang!

Here are some sample answers that you could give in the interview:

Sample answer 1

If you are looking for someone who would lead the meeting and carry on the task for the employees, then I might not be the right person for the job. On the other hand, I would be an active participant in the meetings and other work, I would give out more ideas and opinions on various situations. I would like you to know that one of my strengths is to follow up on meetings and tasks, and I am very serious about my deadlines.

Sample answer 2

If you are planning to keep an introverted person for this job, then picking me would not be so fruitful for the company. I like to interact and know my customers as well as my employees. My clear priority would be to keep up with my customers, build positive and healthy relationships with them and keep up with the task.

Sample answer 3

I would not be the right person for this company if you are looking for someone who would reach the office sharp at 9 – fully active and bright. I prefer working at night-time in the office if that would be okay! You could say that I am a classic night owl!

Sample answer 4

I am not the person who would blindly follow all the rules of the company. I think some situations might need a sudden reaction and decision, wherein the rules would not play a big part. Apart from this, I like to challenge the opinions of my superiors as I think it opens gates to more creativity and more opportunities.