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In order to learn a new language, you must practice it daily. You could watch movies, read books or even play games in apps in order to learn English. The best part is that all of this can be done through your phone itself. You don’t need to carry loads of books to learn. What you have to do is download these 5 apps listed below and you will be good to go! Your phone is the solution for probably anything.

The best part of having a phone is that you could practise English anytime and anywhere you want. Even when you are doing household chores, driving, going to work, etc. Another benefit of learning English through the phone is that it is accessible anytime. 

In order to become familiar with English and learn the language, you don’t have to spend hours studying and just keep on mugging up everything. You could take out 10-15 minutes from your busy day and you could study at that time. A few apps have the function of repeating words, which is good for you to memorize your vocabulary and you also come across new words and phrases. Some apps are unique and they include games in the learning process too which makes it more fun and interesting.

Using apps that include games to learn grammar is more fun and indulging. Not only this, but it also makes you remember what you are learning. If you are mispronouncing a word, you get an immediate prompt to correct yourself. Apps help you to connect with native speakers and they might also help you in learning the English language.

Let us now head on to our main subject and know the 5 best English learning apps you could use to fetch better results,


This app is available on IOS and android devices and it is one of the best apps to practice pronunciation. Firstly, this app allows you to listen to a native English speaker and you could listen to him/her as many times as you need until you understand every word of it. Then comes your turn to record yourself and compare it with the words said by the native English speaker. By doing this, you will understand where you are going wrong and you can practice it until you get the words right! You will not run out of practice lessons as the app gives you over 900 lessons to practice.

App 2 – ENGURU

This app is available only on Android and not on IOS devices. You can download it to your android phone or even to your computer. This app is the best for you to learn English as there are over 600 lessons taught by teachers who are Cambridge-qualified. The app also provides you with worksheets and exercises for your thorough practice. If you are specifically looking to practice conversational English, this app is the best because it stresses majorly on conversation practice. If you are looking to practice in focused areas of learning like job interviews or any other specific skills, you can choose this app.

App 3 – MONDLY

This app is available on IOS as well as on Android devices. The unique feature of this app is that it adapts to your learning level. You get more and more challenges as you continue to learn. This app will provide you access to daily lessons, a verb conjugator, a dictionary, and also speech recognition technology. This app also tracks your progress and makes it easier for you to progress.


This app is available to you on IOS and Android devices too and it is specially designed for English learners. You won’t feel short of learning material as this app provides you with hundreds of short stories as well as audiobooks. Once you begin listening to these stories and audiobooks, you will come across various new words and phrases that will help you to increase your vocabulary. The majority of the stories in this app are easy and are amazing for beginner learners.


This app is available to you in IOS as well as Android devices too and it focuses on vocabulary pronunciation and spelling practice too. This app is built for kids and adult learners too. This app makes your learning fun as it is very interactive and it also comprises many activities and games. The better you get, the more difficult it gets. You face challenges as you keep improving.