Are you a sci-fi shows/movies fan too?

And you too can’t stop watching TV series and shows?

You get bored when you keep on learning just through one source such as books and learning courses. And when you get bored, you want to relax and take your mind of something and at these times, movies, shows and series help you a lot. Why not watch sci-fi series and learn English at the same time. Know that sci-fi is not just for science lovers but it is for everyone.

Know that people from all around the world watch sci-fi with a lot of interest. It is a smart choice to watch sci-fi shows because the hero always wins at these kinds of movies. 

You probably have a bad day at school or your college and you want to relax your mind and at the same time you want to learn English, why not give it a shot at sci-fi movies?

Let us now look at some amazing sci-fi movies that you ccan watch at your leisure time and at you can learn English at the same moment,


This show started in 1993 and ended in 2002. If you are looking forward to learning more technical English and you want to improve your knowledge in the same, you would want to give this movie a shot. If you are working within the field of research and science, you will get to learn more English words and phrases that will help in improving your vocabulary horizons.

  1. LOST 

This show started in 2004 and ended in 2010. This show allows you to listen to different accents of characters as there are people from different backgrounds and it helps you to understand the difference between everyday English. It is the drama and suspense of the show that brings out a lot of details and information that gives you a better idea about what is going on in the show.


This is a very famous sci-fi series that started in 1989 and ended in 2003. For many years, this series was one of the most favorite among kids and young people. Being an animated series, there are different levels of humor made for younger as well as adult audiences and the characters are funny that allows you to understand the situation and humor of the series. This series allows you to pick up English from different situations as there are a lot of everyday things happening in the series.

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