5 minimal pairs you can happily practice English with!

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5 minimal pairs

5 minimal pairs you can happily practice English with!

Let’s look at 5 minimal pairs through which you can practice the English language with utmost ease and comfort. Minimal pairs are nothing but two words that are pronounced almost in a similar way, but they also have one such sound which makes them stand different. These minimal pairs sound similar but have different meanings and spelling; it’s just the sound that is similar. English learners often get confused with this but the more you practice, the easier it gets to understand them.

Now let’s look at 5 minimal pairs with which you can practice English,

Sip and Zip

This is the first out of the 5 minimal pairs and it is completely easy to understand. Sip means to drink something slowly and zip is a noun that is used to close pants or a jacket. 

Both of them sound the same but the initial letter is different which changes the whole meaning of the words.

Tie and Lie

This is the second out of the 5 minimal pairs and it is easy as a pie! The word ‘tie’ is a verb and it means to join something using a rope or a string. It also performs the function of a noun because it also refers to a piece of cloth that men wear around their necks when they dress formally.

On the other hand, a lie is to say something false. It also means to be in a horizontal position, to lie in a bed.

Glow and Grow

To glow means to shine or create light in a dark place particularly.

To grow means to become larger over time.

Cat and cut

A cat is obviously an animal whereas a cut means an opening or to cut something using a sharp tool or object.

Hard and heart

Hard means something which is solid and tough whereas the heart is an organ in the human body that constantly pumps blood.

The above-mentioned are some minimal pairs that can give you a push in learning the English language.