7 elements of a story

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7 elements

7 elements of a story

Have you come across the 7 elements of a story?

  • Character:

Character is the life of the story and it makes your readers feel for the whole story. The characters are the ones who keep the audience engaged and everything that happens to the characters. If the character does not have depth and is not interesting, the reader might not even bother to read the story ahead. However light your character in the story be, if it is good then the readers may remember the character, it will also be credible, and also interesting to the readers.

  • Plot

The plot is what happens in the story or what the story revolves around. A plot consists of a start, a middle, and an end. The plot is what makes it realistic and an actual storyline. It is the characters and the dialogues that help the plot move ahead and make it a readable story.

  • Setting

The setting tells you where and when of the story, The place of residence, season, climate, date and time, and also the era.

  • Point of view

Point of view includes the first-person point of view, second person, or third person. First-person means using ‘I’ and me; second person means using ‘you’ and this person means using ‘he’ or ‘she’.

  • Style

Style is how you are telling a story. It is about creativity and uniqueness just as every person or thumbprint.

  • Theme

There can be one theme or various themes in a story. Stories are so interesting that they may also have smaller themes that are linked to each other. The theme is all about the main storyline.

  • Literary device

Humor, irony, personification, metaphors are the ‘writing tools’ or the writers’ weapons to make a story worth and exciting. They also make use of figures of speech like metaphor, hyperbole, simile, etc.