Again, a metaphor is a figure of speech that is used to describe an object or an action in such a way that is not really true but it helps in explaining an idea or even making a comparison. The basics of metaphor say that a metaphor states one thing is another thing. Along with this, it also equates to two things not because they are actually the same for the sake of comparing and symbolism. If a metaphor is taken literally, then it will be sounding strange. Metaphors can be used in poetry, literature, and if someone wants to be more creative with their writings, and adds poetic effect to them.

Do you think that love is a highway? Well then, if you do think this way, then you are thinking about it metaphorically. The word or the phrase is applied figuratively. The best part is that abstract concepts can be explained in creative ways through metaphors and it becomes more interesting to read or go through such kinds of writings.

Metaphors are nothing but a form of figurative language that resembles words or even expressions which has a different meaning than their literal definition and interpretation.

Let us understand with the help of some examples of Metaphors,

  • Love is a highway
  • Kevin is a couch potato
  • She is a firework
  • The party was a blast
  • He is titanium
  • The assignment was a murder
  • The exam was death

Metaphors are found very often in literature and poetry, music, writings, and speech too. The unique thing about metaphors is that it helps the words come into life. Metaphors help in making the subject more readable and relatable to the reader and also, easier to understand. Even with imageries, Metaphors help in enhancing the writings.

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