What is Onomatopoeia and when it is used?

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What is Onomatopoeia and when it is used?

Onomatopoeia is nothing but words that are made and are formed through a sound that an associated thing makes. The words that are made with the help of Onomatopoeia look to be real but they are surprisingly different if we compare it within languages. The word itself will be called Onomatopoeia. The function of such types of words is to provide a sense of action and intensity to writings or drawings.

What is the importance of Onomatopoeia?

It was around 1570 when the first record of the term came around. The words of this category have been used in writings and artworks. Any sound can be described through such words, be it animal sound, wind, actions, etc. Most importantly, Onomatopoeias are used in sentence enhancements and also to provide an atmosphere to the scene. Such kinds of words can mostly be seen in comic books, storybooks for kids, cartoons, and many more. It is used in increasing intensity and excitement for the audience or the readers.

Did you know?

Did you know that Onomatopoeias can almost be found in superhero books and movies and comics too? It’s almost cliche in the mentioned categories.

Describing Onomatopoeia

Most of the time, these words can be described just by the letter combinations in the word. Usually, these word combinations can be found in the beginning, but a few of them can also be found in the end. 

Vocal Onomatopoeia words

Onomatopoeia words are very unique and easy to be used in certain situations and they can also be used to describe how a person sounds. The words that can be counted as Vocal Onomatopoeia are a grunt, growl, ahem, blurt, gulp, eek, murmur, etc.

Animal Onomatopoeia words 

Words that are related and are connected to animal voices and sounds can be called Animal Onomatopoeia words and they include bark, chirp, cluck, cuckoo, hiss, purr, etc.