Active and Passive Voice

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active and passive voice

Active and Passive Voice


You must have heard about Active and Passive voice while learning the English language. It is because the active and passive voice is very common in the English language. Active voice and the Passive voice are one of the main factors of the English language and you might come across it while you are learning about the same. In this post, let’s just talk about the active and the passive voice.

Meaning of active and passive voice

The voice is nothing but a type of verb that tells us about the the subject’s action. We call it as Active voice when the action is done by the subject and we call it passive voice when the action is received by the subject. The subject of the active sentence transforms to become the object in the passive sentence.

The sentence structure of both the voices will be different, however, the meaning as well as the message will stay the same. If we compare the active and the passive voice, the the active voice has a stronger and a clear tone than that of the passive voice as the passive voice is more weak. You will have to make use active voice if you want to make your message sound more effective and strong.

Structure of Active and Passive Voice

The active voice tells more about the sentence where the ‘person who does the action; is the subject.

Structure = Subject+Verb+Object

On the other hand, the action is expressed by the active voice that is put up on the subject.

Structure = Object+Verb+Subject

Examples of Active and Passive Voice

Active Voice: They will do the assignment.

Passive Voice: The assignment will be done by them.

Active Voice: We will design the room

Passive Voice: The room will be designed by us.

Active Voice: She will perform the skit.

Passive Voice: The skit will be performed by her.

In all the given sentences, the verb form has changed. Both sentences have an auxiliary verb along with a main verb. Remember that even if the sentence structure is different, the meaning will still be the same.

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