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In a sentence, any object is a sentence. In a sentence, the prime focus of the subject will be the ‘what’ and ‘whom’. As the first part of the sentence is called as the Subject, the second part is called “Predicate”. A sentences’ part that tells us about a particular person or any thing is termed as the ‘Subject’ of that particular sentence. Remember that it is only an object that a subject can be like a noun or a pronoun.

3 Types of Subject are:

– Simple Subject

Talks only about the subject.

– Complete Subject

Is a Subject with a modifier.

– Compound Subject

More than two subjects attached with the help of a conjunction.

Examples of Subject

  • The woman in the black pants saved the child.
  • Shut up! (You is the subject)
  • Janice and her sister always fight.


It is simple to understand a predicate as it is nothing but a part of the sentence that talks more about the subject. The predicate also consist of verbs that tell us what the subject is doing.

3 Types of Predicate are:

– Simple Predicate

Only verb

– Complete Predicate

Has a verb along with a modifier

– Compound Predicate

Has more than two verbs along with a conjunction.

Examples of Predicate

  • The woman in the black pants saved the child.
  • Shut up!
  • Janice and her sister always fight.
Quiz on Subject and Predicate