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The English language is immensely vast and it has a great vocabulary. We give you 3 English conversation tips to mast the art of English Conversation wherein you need to learn how to talk and what to talk about in what kind of situations.

Do you remember that why did you start speaking English in the first place? Probably you must have thought that English is one of the most important and one of the most spoken languages in the world.

Conversing in the English language helps you to meet new people and also helps you to build social connections and networks. You get to explore different cultures and lifestyles.

Let us now look at the top 3 English conversation tips:

Conversation Tip 1 – TALK TO YOURSELF

Talking to yourself is the first and the easiest way to master your conversational skills. It might sound weird to talk to yourself but with this, you get to know your speaking abilities and how you talk, how you pronounce each word, are delivering the required message or not, etc. Talking you yourself is totally pressure-free as in you take your time, understand yourself, and then you try to talk. Taking the time and then speaking really has an improvement over your results. You may see it for yourself!

You can start your English-speaking journey in this very basic and easy way which will do wonders for you. Stand in the front of your mirror and talk to yourself, look at your expressions and the emphasis you create over each word. See what kind of effect it has on your statement or how it may sound to the opposite person. Most importantly, analyze what you speak and how you speak.


Knowingly or unknowingly you tend to make mistakes, which is why you should pay attention to small details of the statement like particular words, phrases, sounds, emphasis, etc. Try to learn English consonant words and sounds, go for tongue twisters, and something that challenges your speaking skills. Paying attention to these small details can create big differences. It plays a key role in deciding the way you speak, how the opposite person understands it, your pronunciation, and many key details. 

Conversation Tip 3 – SAY TONGUE TWISTERS

Once you are well-versed with your way of speaking, it is time for you to push one step ahead. Keep challenging yourself with every walk of your learning phase. It will not just build your interest and excitement, but you will also learn something from it. One of the most famous tongue twisters you can try is, “She sells seashells by the seashore!” Try to increase the speed when you say some tongue twisters and search for more difficult ones. It will keep you one step ahead.