Describe someone happily in English with these 3 ways

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Describe someone happily in English with these 3 ways

How would you describe someone or yourself? From where would you begin describing? 

It’s difficult to answer this question, right?

To describe someone or yourself is just telling people what you are like or what someone is like.

You can talk about your personality, your likes and dislikes, from where you belong, your hobbies and there are many such ways to describe yourself or somebody else.

It’s very common for us to describe people, on the basis of what they are, what their personality is, how they behave, etc. People and characters are mostly described in books, articles, and various other English communications. Going through someone’s description gives a clear idea of what they are and how they are.

As far as professional lives are concerned, descriptions are equally useful in business communications and presentations.

There are various ways in which you can describe a person. The 3 most common ways are appearance, manners, and emotions.

The appearance of a person plays an important factor in describing someone. It is nothing but what someone looks like on the outside. While you describe someone based on their appearance, you will have to make use of adjectives. Adjectives are words that describe nouns. You can make use of words like tall, short, lanky, petite, chubby, skinny, slim, curvy, well-built, heavy, overweight, blonde, attractive, beautiful, handsome, pretty, hot, well dressed, smartly dressed, etc.

The second way in which you can describe someone is by their mannerisms. Mannerisms are the way in which they act or speak. Mannerisms are closely connected with actions which are why they are described by phrases with verbs. You can use sentences like tapping their fingers, cracking their knuckles, rolling their eyes, twirling their hair, sticking out their tongue, sighing a lot, and many such ways.

The last and the 3rd most common way to describe someone is by their feelings and remember that people’s feelings always change. You may be sad for a moment, but as soon as you hear some good news you become happy. It is not always easy to tell someone how they feel as it is difficult to describe someone’s feelings. But you can always describe how someone is feeling by using words like happy, exuberant, cheerful, joyous, excited, delighted, sad, mad, angry, fed up, furious, stressed, anxious, relaxed, bored, enthusiastic, etc.

There you go! These were the common 3 ways through which you can describe someone based on their appearance, mannerisms, and emotions/feelings.