Difficult roads lead to beautiful paths. Every learner faces difficulties while learning something new and that is perfectly alright. Overcoming those difficulties is the real challenge and at times it may even be easier than we think. Just remember that you are not alone to face difficulties, we all do!

Every one of us is frustrated by things that will not really matter in the coming years, and what is better than to take some time off for yourself and then start again, refreshed? You might feel more motivated, more enthusiastic, and more energetic. Your difficulties may seem even smaller than it was before. Learning is more fun when it is a group study, isn’t it? It increases the enjoyment and decreases the stress we feel at that time. 

Let us now come at our main topic and know what are the real difficulties we face while we try to learn English,


However well versed you feel while learning the English language, your whole process is highly incomplete if you do not have a real practice. Once you have a real conversation with people around you, mostly native English speakers, you understand for yourself how much you know English and how much you need to improve. While talking to people, you understand your weakness, it could be fumbling, not finding the right words to speak, and what not! 


This difficulty seems small but causes huge blunders. You might not understand the meaning of a particular word for which you pull out your dictionary and search over there. Once you find the meaning, you notice that it has two more definitions attached to it. Not getting a clear idea about that word, confuses you and you do not understand the actual meaning that matches with the sentence.


Sometimes it happens that you are drowned under your books and online learning materials that you do not understand which one to choose and from where to start. This stage tends to be difficult and confusing. On the contrary, you would still not know where to start if you don’t have any kind of learning material with you. Both the situations are equally difficult and they can be overcome by choosing the one that will have more importance than other learning material and it will also be worthy.

These were the three common difficulties that a learner goes through and also overcomes. The core concept is to keep moving and keeping yourself motivated.

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