In this article, we will give you 3 names of the e-books that you can go through to up your game in having English conversations. Getting better with English and becoming the best in it does not happen in a day, it requires dedication and a lot of practice. With the e-books mentioned below, you will be able to pick up a lot of communication skills, phrases that will help you in expanding your vocabulary horizons, and with this, you can use those words and phrases in your English conversations or even your English language practice.

The best part in learning about the English conversations is that the dialogues and conversations in the book look so natural as if it is happening in real life, which is the reason it gets more adaptive. You have the liberty to read those e-books at your own pace and at your own comfort.

Let us now head on to our main topic and look at the 3 e-books that would help you in making your English conversations much better!


This book is for beginners and it is easily available on Kindle. The author of this book has penned down step-by-step techniques and instructions. Not just this, but the book also contains some grammar rules and how you can understand them without memorizing them. The book also tells you and gives you ideas on how to speak English and how to understand it without translating it into your native language. If you are one who has a busy schedule and cannot attend English classes, then this book is just for you!


This book is for the ones who are at an intermediate level and the book is available on Kindle. This book is a savior for the ones who are shy and cannot speak their heart out. This book gives you tips and tricks that help you in talking to people without feeling awkward or shy. On the contrary, it makes you feel more confident and approachable. This book is not just about conversations, but it also teaches you about other aspects of communicating, these include body language, expressions, and eye contact.

  1. ‘WORKING’

This is a book for advanced learners and is available on Kindle. This is a unique book and it contains about 100 interviews of people regarding their jobs. This book contains a majority of interviews with American people which is why it gives English learners an upper hand in understanding how Americans spend their lives. You will get to know about the American culture and how they spend their lives. 

The above mentioned are three e-books that are available on Kindle. Do give them a shot and try reading these books.

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