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We know that talking and introducing oneself in the English language in formal situations creates an impression and it also creates a good image of you. Hence, it is important for all of us to talk in English, most importantly in formal situations that require professionality and seriousness. You cannot just pop up in front of the face of your boss and other colleagues, other authorities.

In order to create an impression, first, you need to break the ice keeping your professionalism intact. Remember that the way you talk in professional upfronts and formal situations is way different than talking to your friend at the bar or talking to your classmates. You need to construct the sentences in such a way that makes you look like an asset for the company you are working at, that you are a worthy team member who has his/her life sorted. 

Keep your background base ready before starting to introduce yourself. Remember that the first impression is the last impression and which is why you need to build a strong impression. You need to take the introduction very seriously. 

For example,

  1. Good day, sir, My name is Kevin Fernandez. Nice to meet you Mr. D’souza.
  2. Good morning, my name is Kevin Fernandez. Very nice to meet you. 

Once you have introduced yourself, give a short explanation about your career and specific skills that match the situation. Don’t make it too lengthy, try to make it short and precise. If they will have questions, they will ask. Till then, don’t try to make the conversation all about yourself. Give a short explanation about yourself and indulge in the team conversation. Participate and give your opinions about the topics that get discussed. 

Try to give the best skills, abilities, and achievements about yourself only in certain situations, when it is needed, it will make you shine like a diamond and will show that you are a valuable team member of the company. Try not to lie, exaggerate or beautify what you speak. Give crisp and clear information only. Honesty always gets you ahead of lies. Try not to talk about things that are irrelevant, unimportant or that can tarnish the image that you’ve created. 

Most importantly, keep on practicing the way you will introduce yourself. Practice it in front of the mirror until you feel confident about yourself. Build imaginary situations and conversations that can happen in the situation. With this, you will know what are the possible conversation you will have to face. Try to watch some introductory videos on youtube, that might be of help too.