english listening comprehension

Are you bored by improving your English listening comprehension just by listening to podcasts and interviews? Do you want to switch to something new and exciting? Why not watch TV shows that can not just improve your listening but will also improve your reading (through subtitles) skills too. These shows will make you listen to different accents and you can listen to real English.

Watching some amazing TV series is one of the brilliant ways to improve your listening comprehension skills. You will build your interest in a TV show if you choose it wisely. If you are looking forward to improving your English listening comprehension then you will have to choose a show that has a simple English language and it does not consist of words that are heavy and unfamiliar to you. Initially, try choosing light-hearted shows and as you begin to improve your listening skills, you can move forward with heavy shows. 

Let us now look at some amazing TV shows that will help you to improve your English listening comprehension in the easiest and fun way possible,


This is a weekly show and it contains a lot of humor that will help you to relax and stay refreshed. This show goes on for 60 minutes without any commercials. You can understand the majority of topics just by watching the show. As it is light-hearted and contains humor, it makes fun of music videos, advertisements, movies, and much more. 


All of us have heard about this mind-blowing TV show and it is a very popular American sitcom. It might get difficult to understand the dialogues of the characters but you can understand what is happening in the show just by watching it. You can also watch the show along with subtitles. This show will help you in improving your English listening comprehension and at the same time, you will be thrilled with its humor.


The best part about watching this show is that is not a typical crime drama story and you will not have the slightest clue about what is going to happen next in the show. You will have a variety of words and everything related to vocabulary and English accents too.

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