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Are you ready to watch some amazing British English TV series?

As you watch the below listed British English TV shows, you will tend to pick up its slang and accents.

Let us directly head on to our main topic and know some of the most entertaining British English TV series,


This English TV series is one of the most hilarious and entertaining TV show that teaches more than just British English. The whole series takes place in an office named ‘Dunder Mifflin’. Michael Scott and Dwight Schrute are the stars of the series and it teaches you about professional and personal relationships too. This series was actually originated in the year 2001 in the U.K and the British version of this show was created by the comedian Ricky Gervais. This is a fictional show and it is presented as a documentary. 


Peaky Blinders is the most-watched British English TV series and it gives us a look at the British after World War 1. The genre of this show is Crime-drama and it follows the story of the Shelby gang and their criminal activities and incidents that go around Birmingham, England. Have a binge-watch session of this creatively made British English TV series.


This is another popular TV series that showcases nothing but automobiles, yes, it is very different and unique as well. The explanation of the car features was originally done in the 1970s in the first version of the show. The new version of the 2000s showcases stunts and races too. If you are eager to watch this interesting show, you will find it on Amazon prime and if you do not have a subscription fo the same, you can also watch small clips on YouTube.

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