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Have you ever faced an awkward situation where someone said a word that you did not understand? 

If you have been through this situation don’t worry! We all have been!

English is the most common language that is spoken around the globe and before we begin to learn the English words that make you sound like a pro, we need to understand what makes the words so unique!

The English language is itself very unique as it has words that come from various different cultures.

You know that a word is unique when you find it unusual as it may have a connection with different languages and cultures. Because of the unusual spelling, or pronunciation, or even meaning, the word stands unique. If you love playing board games, then you must give a shot to learn the unique words.

5 most unique English words:

1st English unique word – DOWDY

Being an adjective, this word talks about something that is old and is not in good condition and is also not modern or stylish. The pronunciation of this word looks simple and easy but have you heard it before? Probably not! Because this is an old word and it is not used in today’s world. It is not used often in today’s time.

 Maybe the house is abandoned, it didn’t look so dowdy before.

2nd English unique word – NINCOMPOOP

Try saying this word out loud. 

Did it sound funny?

This word not only looks funny but it sounds funny too.

‘Nincompoop’ is a noun and it refers to a silly person. Sometimes, it is even used jokingly to refer to someone who is not so smart.

 I don’t understand why that nincompoop couldn’t find that address, it is just down the road!

3rd English unique word – HOWDY

This word rhymes with the word ‘dowdy’ but the meaning is totally different. The meaning of this word is greetings and it is not used very often today. But, at times it does add some flavor to your English conversations.

4th English word – BALONEY

This word was first used almost 100 years ago and it has nothing to do with balloons! ‘Baloney’ is a noun and it means nonsense. Very often it is used when you disagree with somebody.

That’s baloney! Don’t follow her ideas.

5th English unique word – BAMBOOZLE

This word was first used around 300 years ago. This word is really old and it is a verb. It means to trick or confuse them. 

I got bamboozled into a reward and ended up losing $500