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Knowing and learning everyday English phrases is an essential factor in learning the English language as a whole. By doing this, you understand and realize that you have more variety in phrases than you actually know before. In order to learn English phrases, it is equally important to know how you have to use your words. What scares the learners most is from where shall they start? Did you know that excelling in mastering the English language is by practicing it thoroughly and constantly?

Let us head on to our topic and understand what are webcomics and the 4 webcomics through which you can learn everyday English phrases.

Comics and cartoons that are posted online are called Webcomics. Yes, it is that simple! While you are going through a comic, you don’t need to have a book or a paper in front of you and you don’t even need to pay for the comic’s full issue! Isn’t that awesome? It is definitely not boring, instead, it is exciting and interesting to watch some light-hearted comics that can also help you in learning everyday English phrases.

Comics are completely made up of dialogues between characters which makes it easy to learn everyday English phrases. Once you read a new phrase, keep that in mind and try to listen to it on other mediums of entertainment. Understand its meaning and see when it is getting used, then try using it yourself in your daily talks with friends and family or even your colleagues.

Now comes the best part!

Below listed are 4 webcomics through which you can learn everyday English phrases,


This is a unique comic because it stresses less on writing blogs and focuses more on art. The comic is filled with colorful images and there are fewer dialogues. It contains a lot of silly comics about dinosaurs, cats, and interesting animals like the Mantis Shrimp too. You can even strengthen your grammar through this comic as it has guides and information on grammar topics too. This comic is a combination of learning everyday English phrases and entertainment too. Keep in mind that this comic uses adult and mature topics, so if you feel offended by any of them, move on to the next one!

  • DR. Mc NINJA

Are you an action-adventure fan? Then you MUST  go through this comic as it has fantastic action scenes and more fantastic characters. You will have a really fun, exciting, and insane adventure if you go through this comic. There is a bit of silliness attached with this comic too. So, if you are looking to pass your time, you shall take a look at this comic!


This is a fun but worth a watch comic as it shows adventure about two girls who try to succeed in the world that follows when they finish their college days, the story goes further and it shows every bit about them growing up. This comic uses serious life issues but expresses them in a bit humorous way with sarcasm.


This comic is not like every other comic like it talks about good drinks and monsters and also a guy who wants to get over with his ex-girlfriend. The Stick In The Mud is a comic is a phrase (title) and it talks about someone who does not like to have fun with the little things at all!

You might find a lot of comics over the internet but these are the 4 comics that can give you a good start in the world of webcomics. Do give these comics a shot whenever you have free time and would like to go through something that is light-hearted and you can also learn everyday English phrases too!

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