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english level test


With the help of these English level tests, you can support your learning for the tests you wish to apply in order to study abroad, such as IELTS, TOEFL, and a few more. These free English level tests help you to know your strength and weakness and it also motivates you to study with more enthusiasm. If you are the one who loves to study alone and you want to know how much you have improved, you might want to use the best source to know how much you have improved and how much you have understood.

Do you know about certain exams that you need to attempt if you are willing to study abroad? Well, these exams are important, and how well you perform and how well you score in these exams decide your acceptance in your choice of university or college. IN order to attempt these tests, you need to prepare well as they are expensive which is why you need to be thorough and very well prepared to score the best.

One of the most well-known and renowned tests that are widely used for English exams is IELTS and attempting this exam increases your chance to immigrate to English-speaking countries. Another test is TOEFL that stands for Test of English as a Foreign Language. This test is similar to that of IELTS. Different places and regions have different requirements related to the score of these tests. 

Let us know about the 3 free online English level tests that you can use in order to check out how much you have understood your learnings,


The best thing about having this test is that you can attempt it every month in order to check your improvement and your understanding. Apart from this, you will receive a certificate that you can even attach to your resume and your job application that will prove that you are a good English speaker. There is a free option in this test that allows you to have a 10-minute grammar test whereas the paid option will give you listening and reading tests that will give you a certificate along with feedback in areas where you need to improve.


This test will only focus on your grammar, so if you want to test your grammar skills, this test will do wonders for you! The results get emailed to you once you attempt this test that has 40 multiple choice questions that you can complete in 10-15 minutes. This test will let you know how much you have understood and how well you are improving.


You can test your English level through this test within a span of 20 minutes only. The difficulty level in this test increases as you keep on progressing. You can know whether your answers are correct or not at the end of the test that will tell your strong and weak points. This test also gives you feedback on where you should improve.