5 ‘healthy’ vocabulary words you need to know before you go for that diet!

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5 ‘healthy’ vocabulary words you need to know before you go for that diet!

Being healthy has been on everyone’s list these days and why not? People talk about fitness plans all the time and in any season of the year.

When you have already made up your mind to eat healthily and stay fit, you might want to take a look at these ‘healthy’ and ‘fit’ English vocabulary words for your diet plan too!
  1. Cutting carbs

The simplest way to understand this is that you cut carbs when you don’t include food item that contains starch and sugar. Bread, rice, and pasta are food items that have carbs. Know that carbs are a short-form or a shorter word for carbohydrates which is found in starchy food like cakes, doughnuts, etc.

  1. Meal Plan

A meal plan is when you decide to maintain your daily food intake like what you are going to eat and how much are you going to eat. A meal plan is usually made by nutritionists and it can also be made by fitness instructors. You can even find meal plans online and even in health magazines.

  1. A daily dose of vitamins

The dose is a word that is particularly used when you talk about medicines. This word is also used when you talk about vitamins. When you follow a diet or a meal plan, you have a regulated and recommended amount of vitamin intake that you are supposed to have daily in order to be healthy. You can have your daily dose of vitamins by having vitamin pills or by fruits and veggies too.

  1. Lactose intolerant

You are intolerant to a certain type of food that gives you negative effects, like an allergy or itching, etc. various people are lactose intolerant when they have dairy food wherein after eating, they upset their stomach, feel nauseous, or even causes indigestion. People who are lactose intolerant have medicines to digest dairy food. 

  1. Gluten-free

Gluten is nothing but a protein that is found in wheat as well as a few grains to which some people are allergic. When you see a particular product that is labeled as gluten-free, then that product is wheat-free and uses a similar substitute for wheat. 

Now you know the 5 healthy words that you must include in your diet plan!