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listening skills


Listening to one another is how we relate and it is also one of the most essential aspects of communication. With good listening skills, you can understand English speakers who have different accents. Accents totally depend on what place you come from, which is why it is important to learn English listening skills. Good listening skills help you in understanding the opposite person. Not just this, it also helps you to build a good relationship with your friends and family because they feel like you are willing to listen to them and comprehend with them.

It is important to actively listen to someone rather than passively listen to them. Try to pay attention to what message the person is trying to convey. If you pay attention to them and listen carefully, you are one step ahead in improving your listening skills.

Let us now look at 3 simple steps to improve your listening skills

  1. Watch movies and TV series with bilingual subtitles.

Watching English TV series and movies in both English, as well as your native language, might help you to improve your listening skills incredibly. At the very instant, you can be able to find the meaning of an unfamiliar word that you come across. It can be tricky to fetch movies and TV series with both translations but it is not impossible. You can get an extension on Google Chrome that gives you translations and bilingual subtitles even if it is YouTube or Netflix.

  1. Guess the meaning of the conversation from the context.

Try using context clues when you are listening to the English audio or you are watching movies. This is the best way to understand and track your progress if you are understanding anything or not. When you are listening to anything, try to pick out words that you are familiar with. By doing this, you can get an idea about what the person is trying to convey and try to figure out the meaning of the word with which you are unfamiliar. You can understand the meaning of the conversation with the persons’ expressions, body language, mood, etc.

  1. Accept that you won’t understand everything.

Even though you are the best at speaking English and however fluent you are, you cannot understand everything. Learning the English language is not difficult but you are at your learning stage and you tend to make mistakes, you want to be the best and that is normal. Feeling like this is normal. Try to give yourself a break and not just rush to improve everything all at once.