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Even though your English vocabulary and grammar are perfect, it might still be difficult for people to understand your English pronunciation. One of the hardest parts of learning English is to learn to pronounce English words. With English vowels, it becomes really tricky to know how to say a word. Certain words can be difficult such as ‘weigh’, ‘whey’; because they sound the same but their meaning is different.  On the other hand, words like ‘bomb’, ‘comb’ sound different, and their meanings are different too. 

Let us now look at 5 simple steps about how you can improve your English pronunciation:

  1. Notice how your lips move while you speak.

How you pronounce a word depends on how your lips move. You can notice and start correcting yourself with the way you move your mouth and with the way you speak. The simplest way to tell how you are pronouncing a word is by looking at yourself and practising it in front of a mirror. You may even watch how other people speak and how they move their mouths. With this, you can make out the difference between you and the other person. Apart from this, you can find an end number of online videos that show you how to pronounce a word. 

  1. Break down words into sounds

The second method to improve your English pronunciation skills is to break down words into sounds. You know that words are made up of syllables and parts. Turning words into parts and breaking them down may make it easier for you to pronounce a word. You may even write down a word in parts and see how it must be pronounced.

  1. Put stress over sounds and words.

Some words in the English language are more important than others. It is because those words are spoken with more depth and stress. When you say a word out loud, you hear it and you can figure it that how does it sound. The meaning of the word may change on how you pronounce it. It decides the clarity and strength of the word or the phrase. 

  1. Exaggerate particular sounds

Exaggeration is one essential part where you exaggerate the sound until you feel ridiculous about it. With this, you will understand how the word is getting pronounced and how it is to hear it. It makes it easier for you and the ones around you to understand what you are trying to say. This will help you practice that word until you become fluent in pronouncing it. 

  1. Jot down what you hear.

You might wonder that why do you have to jot down what you hear in order to achieve the goal of clear pronunciation. You might also be surprised that listening is a perfect way to improve your English pronunciation. With this, you understand the right pronunciation of certain words and you rectify how to pronounce them.