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In this post, we will make ourselves aware of the three online sites through which you can learn English for free. Now, you don’t have to spend loads of money to learn English, you don’t have to cut short your time from your busy schedule. Since this learning is online, you can do it from your comfort and as per your understanding. Some sites give you options to choose according to your learning levels and goals and once you complete the course, you can also download your certificate.

We know how incredibly important it is for all of us to learn the English language in today’s time especially and we also know that the English language has quite helped all of us as being a stepping stone for success and opportunities. It is because of the English language that we are smartly developing as a country and as a whole.

If you belong to a group of people who have a busy schedule, then online learning is the best option for you. It gives you the liberty to use a self-paced lesson and you can even complete the lesson and assignments as per your timing and schedule. You get all the learning tools including videos, audio lessons, educational games, flashcards, etc. The best advantage of learning through an online mode is that you can have access to these learning materials anytime you want, whereas, on the other hand, you cannot have access to these learning materials in a physical classroom.

Let us now look at the 3 sites through which you can learn English for free,

  1. BBC Learning English

If you are on the edge of becoming an advanced English learner and you do not know how to proceed further, you might want to give a shot to learn English at this course provided by BBC learning. You get a chance to pick out the topics that you are interested in and you can follow the lessons at your own speed. Each unit in this site comes along with a ‘Vocabulary reference’ as well as ‘Grammar reference’. The best thing to learn English through this site is that all the lessons and learnings are video bases so there is no chance of you getting bored!

  1. Oxford Online English

This site is a premium English teaching service that does cost you money but some courses are free of cost. There are free courses too for anyone to give a shot on their website. The content on this site is available in short video formats. You will come across various topics on this site, right from pronunciation, English vowel sounds, and much more. You even get various exercises and quizzes related to your topic and course.

  1. Open Learning

This site is best suited for beginner or intermediate English learners who are keen to learn every aspect of the language. You won’t just learn the language and its rules but you will also get to apply it in your real-life English communication. You can download the notes for your reference too. On completing the course, you even get an online certificate!