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Have you heard of Audiobooks? Do you belong to the category where you are not into reading books? Or is it that you wished to hear the whole story, just as it is? With this, it would be quite helpful for your English pronunciation along with listening skills. Don’t worry! There is something called ‘audiobooks’ and you can even learn English with the help of it. In audiobooks, you can find the recorded readings of your favorite books. Isn’t that great? 

You don’t have to keep on reading and reading books now, you can simply listen to them. You have the liberty to listen to it whenever you wish to while doing the dishes, while traveling, while taking a bath or when you are driving to work. You can also include these audiobooks in your routine life. It will help you to practice the English language and can also improve your listening and pronunciation skills.

One of the greatest advantages of listening to audiobooks is that you could rewind it anytime you want, whenever you have missed out on something important. You can listen to the audiobook however you want. You can listen to it slowly, you can finish one page in a day or you could finish the entire book in a couple of hours. You can stop the audiobook whenever you wish to and can always continue it later. 

Listening to audiobooks is similar to when someone tells you a bedtime story. You can listen to it whenever you feel like it. Another big advantage is that you can choose the speed, the gender and even the accent you seem comfortable with. Audiobooks give you lot many choices to choose from. 

There is an end number of topics and books you can choose to listen and it is essential for you to choose an audiobook that interests you. Audiobooks contain approximately every topic that you can think of. You can choose right from classic literature, learning books, and even modern literature. If you want to choose a good audiobook, then better choose something that interests you and something that you would enjoy.

Internet is full of audiobooks and you may find a lot many audiobooks over the net. Audible, Project Gutenberg and Librivox are the three places where you can begin listening to an audiobook. You learn something when you listen to an audiobook. You could take notes of the new words and phrases that you come across or something that you do not understand.

You can even read along with the audiobook only when you have a copy of the book beside you. It will help you to concentrate more and will also help you improve your listening, speaking, and pronunciation skills.  Once you have jotted down new words and spellings, you may use them in your conversation once you know the meaning of that particular word, phrase, or expression.