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Newsletters do more than make you learn English, it teaches you to be formal and poised and make your speaking and writing skills better. It makes you learn English grammar, speaking, writing, expands your vocabulary horizons, and much more. In order for you to achieve fluency in English speaking, these newsletters will remind you every other day or every week to practice English.

Once you subscribe to a newsletter, these daily and weekly newsletters will be delivered to you in your inbox and you will have access to them anytime you want. The best part about a newsletter is that it is not filled with information unlike textbooks, but it has content that is short and precise and is written in a simple language and it is easy to read. With your interest building gradually, you will develop the habit of checking your inbox regularly so that you do not miss any of them.

This technique will make you more disciplined and you will be more faithful toward language learning. With the newsletters being in your inbox, you will be able to learn English at your own pace and ensure that you keep a short notebook or a journal so that you can jot down important and unfamiliar words and can review them that will help you to expand your vocabulary. Newsletters can be interactive too! When you are done with reading, you will be asked to give feedback to its writer or you may be even asked to use the language skills that you learned in the quiz.

If you are one who wants to learn the English language thoroughly, you should subscribe to these newsletters mentioned below and you can even choose the ones that match your skill level, educational needs and goals.


You will get to learn something new every day, as its name suggests. The writer of this newsletter is Julian Northbrook and it is filled with tricks and tips to become confident and achieve fluency. In his newsletter, Northbrook gives out his unconventional teaching style. This is the best newsletter for the ones who want a piece of smart and practical advice in English learning.


This newsletter is for the ones who enjoy academic, technical, or even creative writing. A free weekly newsletter from the Writer’s Digest is the best one to go with. This newsletter will help you to build a writing habit that you will thoroughly enjoy. The newsletter from the Writer’s Digest also includes expert tips from its bloggers on how you could get published and you will get a copy of the ‘101 Best Websites for Writers’ list, with this you will always have a good resource at your fingertips.


You will come across tons of vocabulary improvement apps and resources over the net, but you could give a shot to the Oxford English Dictionary’s Word of the Day newsletter and the unique part about this newsletter is that once you subscribe to it, each day you will receive a new word along with its meaning in your inbox. If your calculation is good, by the end of the year you will have 365 new words and this will be qut=ite beneficial to improve your vocabulary. The more words you know, the better it gets! 

The above mentioned are the 3 English newsletters through which you can learn English and much more, something that is different and unique than books and newspapers. You will not just learn something new or something specific, but it will you in covering all aspects of the English learning skills.