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Social media is known for its trends and connecting people throughout the world. Do you realize that by being socially connected, you can refer to tons of English learning sites and pages? Social media pages make English learning much more fun and enjoyable as you get to participate in contests and quizzes, simultaneously improving your English learning and practicing skills. 

Try searching out some English learning courses and classes on social media. By doing this, not only you will receive their details but you will also receive suggestions about similar pages. Social media sites give you more opportunities to learn about anything and everything that you wish to.

Nowadays, you get everything at the tip of your fingers, if it is a teacher or an institute or even a friend. So why not make the most out of social media sites?

Let us now look at 3 social media sites to practice the English language in the most fun way possible.


Everyone knows about Facebook and people keep on posting about their daily happenings, discussions take place over groups, etc. You can even post your opinion on the Facebook page and people react if they liked it or not. Your posts and opinions even receive comments and they do get shared. There is more to Facebook than just connecting with people and making friends.

This social media site has groups and forums about any topic that you can imagine, like-minded people join the group and discussions take place over those groups. You could practice English by posting comments and see how many people liked it and how many comments did you receive. You never know who might like the way you think!


Pinterest is not like other social media sites. What makes it different is that it is for visual learners. You will see very rare comments and words, instead, you will see more links and images on these social media sites. If you don’t like reading, this social media site is great for you as it has mind-blowing and great stuff inside. You will see a variety of concepts on Pinterest as people post about travel, fashion, food, recipes, interiors, and whatnot!

If you want to learn something new and want to know more about websites, play online games through which you can improve your English learning skills, then why not give it a go!


Twitter is one big platform is you want to have conversations and want to post anything. You have short conversations that are called tweets and you feel like you are having a real conversation with someone. On Twitter, you can have conversations, discussions, chats, and even more. You can join casual conversations and put up your opinions etc.

The above-mentioned were the 3 most popular social media sites that will give you a unique experience in English learning as well as you will also make more social media connections!