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study plan


It is all about one study plan that decides your results, isn’t it? We know that proper planning and its execution leads to things at their best and it helps us to stay on track along with being one step ahead toward achieving our goals. If you are an individual who is studying English, then you MUST have the best study plan. This study plan and following it, making it a habit will make you achieve your goal of English fluency. 

The one big reason why you must have a plan to study the English language is that it makes your learning more manageable and you learn the language in bits and pieces but you learn it thoroughly. When you focus on every step and each task, English learning will become your piece of cake! Not just this, you can even track your progress and can find out how much you have improved.

You will also know here are making mistakes and where you need to rectify yourself. With the help of study plans, you will be clear about your goals and you will know from where do you have to start, what are your strong and weak points.

We give you some points that will help you to make a study plan,

  1. The first step you do to make a study plan is by asking yourself what is your goal, why do you want to learn English, what is your reason to learn English?
  2. Know your learning style. Do you enjoy theory learning or fun learning? Try to learn in a way that you feel motivated and interested.
  3. Set a particular time period every day to study. Be realistic with it and do not overload yourself.
  4. Know your learning material and learning resources. How much money can you pay to purchase the best learning resources and is it worth spending that much? Do you have alternatives?
  5. Do you like studying alone or with your group? Choose from which you can make the best out of it.
  6. Do not learn all at once. Break your goal into smaller ones and try achieving that in your set time.
  7. Organize yourself, move your daily routine activities. If you like to study in the morning then go for it, if you like to study in the evening, so be it! Don’t compromise your learning for anything!
  8. Build up learning and study strategies that will take you one step forward in achieving your goal.
  9. Relax. If you are working and studying so hard then you deserve some time for yourself to charge up. Take that time and something that you like.
  10. Test yourself once in a while. This will help you to track your progress and rectify your mistakes if you do any.
  11. Set reminders to study and overcome your distractions.
  12. Make your home or your study-place comfortable, add plants, cushions and make it such a pace that you would not want to come out from that zone!
  13.  Try being flexible with your time period instead of being rigid.
  14. Lastly, remember that we all learn from mistakes and which is why it is important to celebrate even the smallest goals.

The above mentioned are some quite interesting and essential pointers you need to remember if you are having your exams ahead, or if you want to learn, or if you are a bookworm. Even if you are not, it is not bad to have a study plan. It sets your routine on track and makes you organized with your daily tasks. Make sure that you follow these steps and success will come your way!